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Race Timetable

DAR Briefing Notes 2024.


Hope everyone is looking forward to Dingle Adventure Race on the 10th June 2023. 

We have 3 courses for DAR, to make easier to follow we have used the following colour codes for each course. 

Full / Sport / Mini 

If you want to change course, you must do so before Tuesday 6th June, this can be done by edit my entry or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anyone who cannot make it, only options is do a name substitute by Tuesday 6th June. No deferrals to 2025 allowed. 


New For 2023.

All courses start on bikes from Dingle Marina. 1 start time per course. Be ready 30min before your start time.

Below we have the following information;

  1. Race Rules
  2. Mandatory Kit
  3. Weather
  4. Water
  5. Parking
  6. Breakfast options
  7. Course Specific information, cut-offs, road closures
  8. Finish Area
  9. Prize giving
  10. After Party
  11. Registration
  12. Bike transition Dingle
  13. Start times.
  14. Kayak 
  15. Toilets 


  1. Race Rules: Full / Sport /Mini 

  • No TT / Time trial bikes or Tri bars allowed on any courses.
  • No earphones allowed on any courses.
  • Rules of the road apply
  • No littering
  • Respect the local community and other road users
  • Respect the marshals 
  • Life jacket/PFD for kayaking
  • If the rules are broken our marshals will report and you will be disqualified 


  1. Mandatory Kits: Full / Sport / Mini 

  • You don't have to carry your mandatory kit on the final run or during the kayak, you can leave it in the last Bike transition. 
  • There will be an inspection of the Mandatory Kit at the start of the Mountain Run. Tough penalties or disqualification will apply if you don't have your mandatory kit on you. 
  • Not allowed drop off anything to the remote transitions prior to the event. 


Sport and Full Mandatory Kits, Bike and Mountain run only.

  • Full Sleeved waterproof jacket

  • Foil Safety Blanket

  • Hat or Buff

  • Cycling Helmet, strapped. No Teardrop TT helmets allowed

  • Small first aid kit, dressing pad, plasters, and roll bandage

  • Race number must be worn on the front of all competitors

  • Water or drink

  • Recommended: small backpack or bumbag/waist pouch

Mini Mandatory Kit, Bike and Beach run only.

  • Full Sleeved waterproof jacket

  • Cycling Helmet, strapped. No Teardrop TT helmets allowed

  • Small first aid kit, plaster and bandage

  • Race number must be worn on the front of all competitors


  1. Weather: Full / Sport / Mini 

The weather is looking very good at the moment, so don’t forget plenty of water.


Maps of routes/times/distances 

See website; https://www.dingleadventurerace.com/race-info/course-info.html


  1. Water at transitions:

No more Plastic bottles at DAR. BYO!

This year we will not have any small plastic bottles at the Dingle Adventure Race. All competitors should have their own bike bottle and a container to carry some water on their run. We will provide large water containers that you can refill your bottle/container after the cycle and before your run. Water will be available before Ventry beach run, before Mt Eagle and before Mt Brandon. We will also have water at the finish line with recyclable cups. 

Recommended amount of water:

DAR Mini cycle: 500ml, run 250/500ml 

DAR sport cycle: 500/700ml run 500/750ml

DAR full cycle: .5lt-1lt DAR mtn run .5-1lt

These are only recommended amounts. You must have some water on Sport and Full mountain runs. However, if the weather is very warm, then you’ll need more than the recommended amount. 


  1. Parking: Full / Sport / Mini 

Car Parking is free along streets in Dingle. We suggest that you park anywhere along street and cycle to bike transition and then walk back to start. The only Pay and Display car parks are the 2 large Car parks near Start/Finish and the one near the back of Supervalu. It is best to park campervans near GAA pitch which is on the right as you come into Dingle from the Lispole direction (V92 NT62). Please no illegal parking or near transition areas. There is also a new large carpark opposite Dick Macs pub which is free all day.

  1. Breakfast options:Full / Sport / Mini

Sport Bike transition is Inver/Daybreak, they will be doing hot food such as breakfast rolls from 07.00 for around €4. Also have coffee/tea.

Garveys/Supervalue also have hot deli open from 07.00 and coffee/tea


  1. Course specific information:

DAR Mini 

Collect bikes from transitions by 2.30pm.


DAR Sport

Road Closures

Slea head road is closed from 08.15 to 9.30 to public traffic. All sport cyclists should get through this road closure without traffic.

The Clasack Road: the road near Mt Eagle run will be closed to traffic from 09.30-1.00. 

Cut offs

Cut off Mt Eagle, must reach summit by 12.30 or you will be turned around. Mt Eagle bike transition closes 1.30. Must be at the finish before 15.00.


DAR Full 

Slea head road is closed from 08.15 to 09.30 to public traffic. All DAR competitors will get through this road closure without traffic. 

Cut offs

Cut off Mt Brandon, must reach summit by 12.30 or you will be turned around (if you get turned around you'll end up doing 8km instead of 15.5km). Mt Brandon bike transition closes 15.30. Must be at the finish before 16.00.

8.Finish area: Full / Sport / Mini

At The Finish

All competitors will receive:

  • a cold glass of Dick Macs Pale Ale
  • A free All Real Nutrition Natural Sustainable Protein Bar
  • There will also be water, soup, bread and fruit at the finish line.
  • Each competitor will receive a print out of their results
  • Each competitor will receive a well earned DAR Medal

There will be a TV screen with updated live results

You must hand in your chip to be on the results.

Please collect your bike as soon as possible after you race as transitions must be taken down.  Bike transition close at 4pm. 

  1. Prize giving: Full / Sport / Mini

Prize giving will be at the start Finish area this year. The following are the prize giving times for each course:

Mini DAR Mini prize giving 12pm.

Sport. DAR Sport prize giving 1pm

Full.  DAR Full prize giving 2pm

We have 30 prizes in total. 10 on each course. 1st,2nd,3rd, 1st Vet (over 40), 1st Super Vet (SV over 50) in both men and women on all courses.

  1. After Party: Full / Sport / Mini

There will be a afterparty and music at Dick Macks pub 8pm onwards. The prizing giving will be at the Start/Finish area at times above.


  1. Registration:Full / Sport / Mini - See Dingle Map 

All competitors must attend registration at Dingle Marina on either of the following days:

We recommend you register Friday if possible as we don't want delays with the starts on Saturday morning.

Friday 10th June 16.00-22.30

Sat 11th June 06.45-08.30

You must attend registration at least 1hour before the start time of your wave.

DAR Full competitors must have registered Fri or Sat between 06.45-07.30. 

DAR Sport competitors must have registered Fri or Sat between 07.15-08.00. 

DAR Mini competitors must have registered Fri or Sat between 07.45-08.30. .


At registration you will collect an envelope containing the following; Full  Sport Mini

4 x Safety pins

Race number to be displayed on the front

Bike sticker - on collection of your bike after the race, your bike sticker and race number must match.

Timing chip - to be worn on your wrist

DAR 2023 Jersey - all competitors receive a DAR 2022 cycling jersey as part of their entry. 

You can collect for a friend or another competitor, we just need their name and course info.

  1. Start times for all courses:

All courses are coloured coded. We will be checking these at the start.

DAR Full Course 

DAR Full 08.00  Must be ready at the start area 07.45


DAR Sport Course 

DAR Sport  08.30  Must be ready at the start area 08.10


DAR Mini Course 

DAR Mini  09.00  Must be ready at the start area 08.30  


  1. Kayak: Full  Sport Mini

The kayak is a 1km triangle. Should take approximately between 8-12 minutes. Course is 1km, done in an anti-clockwise direction around 2 large Orange buoys. Buoyancy aids will be provided with different sizes available. MUST BE SECURE IN YOUR BOUYANCY AID before DAR marshals will allow you proceed to kayak. Paddles are provided next to the kayaks. Double up with the person next to you. It is best for the stronger or the bigger person to be in the back. The person in the front should paddle forward and the person in the back can steer or correct kayak by a back paddle stroke. Competitors can not hand pick who they go with, they must go with the person next to them. We don't expect many to fall in as these are stable boats, but we will have 2 safety boats on the water. If winds are too strong DAR will cancel the kayak section. As in previous years competitors are not allowed bring their own single or double kayaks, they must use the doubles provided by DAR.


  1. Toilets:

There are public toilets near the tourist office in Dingle (see Dingle Map). We will also have 4 portaloos near "start finish" and a portaloo at each bike transition area. Please use the public toilets near tourist office if possible before your start time.



We will have 3 photographers out on courses taking photos the we will post on our facebook page. Like the Dingle Adventure Race on facebook for photos,updates and news.


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