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Race Timetable

DAR Final briefing notes

Welcome to Dingle Adventure Race .

Any extra info regarding weather or if we have to cancel the kayak section will be posted in the next few days to the Dingle Adventure Race Facebook page.

1. Registration
Registration is at Dingle Marina.
This is across the road from Ocean-world aquarium – the same place as Start/Finish. (Long white building with sail boats next to it)
Sign in will be open from Friday at 16.00 till 23.00.
Final sign-in Saturday morning opens at 07.00. Sign in before 07.30 for DAR Full, before 08.00 for DAR Sport and before 08.30 for DAR Mini. Please sign in on Friday if at all possible.
You will receive your DAR cycling gilet, Timing Chip and your pack with race number, safety pin X 4 and sticker for your bike at registration. Please place the bike sticker on the top tube of your bike so it is visible. At registration you will find your name in alphabetical order on the main list. Your race number will be next to it. (A €30 charge be incurred for any lost Timing Chips or any not handed back. If you collect your timing chip and do not compete then it must be handed back). You can collect race numbers for friends as long as you have their name and know which course they are registered for.
No bike drop off Friday – bikes can only be dropped off on Saturday morning.

2. Mandatory kit
Mandatory kit will be checked for All Courses. Penalties will apply or you may not be allowed race.

Mandatory kit for Full & Sport Courses
Small backpack/bumbag/ or fit in jersey pockets
Windproof/ waterproof top/jacket
Small first Aid kit (min; 1 X Dressing pad, bandage, plasters)
Drink bottle
Energy Bars
Hat and Gloves

Mandatory kit for Mini
Small backpack/bumbag/ or fit in jersey pockets
Windproof/ waterproof top
Small first Aid kit (min; 1 X Dressing pad, bandage, plasters)
Drink bottle

3. Transitions and bike drop offs
Mini Transition
Mini Transition opens at 08.00. Bikes can be racked anywhere on rack. First come first served. All bikes to be in transition area for Mini by 09.50 sharp. Mini Transition is in Griffin’s Garage car park across the road from Londis Petrol Station, which is 100 metres up the road from Dingle Distillery (Sport Transition). Follow signs from Start/Finish area. It is best to cycle out and walk back. You can also park in Petrol station while dropping bike off – max. stay 10 minutes.
(Mini transition is in a different area to Sport transition this year).

Sport Transition
Sport Transition opens at 07.30. Bikes can be racked any where on rack, first come first served. Wave 1 to the Right only. Waves 2,3,4 & 5 to the Left only. All bikes must be in transition for Sport by 08.50 sharp.

4. Morning of Race

Car Parking is free along streets in Dingle. We suggest that you park anywhere along streets and cycle to the start. The only Pay and Display car parks are the 2 large Car parks near Start/Finish and the one near the back of Supervalu. Campervans are best to park near GAA pitch which on the right as you come into Dingle from Lispole. No illegal parking. No parking near transition areas.

Mini and Sport competitors must make sure to drop their bikes to transition

DAR Full notes
DAR Full bikes to be at start area for 08.30 and ready to go.
08.30-08.45: Kit check and check dibbers/timing chips.
08.45: Race briefing at Start.
No bike drop off Friday. Mandatory kit will be checked. Penalties will apply for any missing kit.
There will be a rolling start through town. The race begins at the start of Conor Pass. The road is officially closed from 2 junctions from 09.00-10.30. Take care on the decent of Conor Pass as there are a few tricky bends, especially when you come in the through first trees. You must dismount your bike before entering the transition at Cloghane. Rack your bike, (your bike will be brought back to Dingle and should be there for 1pm, your helmet and shoes must be clipped to your bike). Water is available in 5 litre drums if required, also toilet behind the pub if required. Make sure you take enough water for Mt Brandon. When running up Brandon please make sure to open and close all gates behind you. Take care with loose rocks on the steep slope. Take extreme caution on the decent - you must follow the white post track. Water is available again after the Mt Brandon decent.
Nobody can collect your bike for you unless they have your race number. Bike stickers are in your registration pack - make sure to put it on the top tube of your bike so that your bike is in the right place when you come back to Dingle. Strictly no drop off of equipment to transition areas is permitted. Time penalty or disqualification will be applied to any competitor found dropping anything off. All equipment must be carried with you for the entire race (only exception is while kayaking). Please collect your bike at finish before 3.30pm.

DAR Sport notes
Competitors start at the Marina, run to kayak section, kayak 1km and then run to the bike transition. Strictly no cycling allowed in transitions.
The cycle is around Slea Head. Please note that the road will not be closed. You could meet tractors, buses or even sheep! Rules of the road apply. Near the crucifix there is a stream than goes over the road. It is best to cross on the right side of the road where there is concrete. Some people may choose to walk the short steep uphill section near the transition to Mount Eagle. Run up and down Mt Eagle by following track (no detours or short cuts). Timing chip on summit. There is a short boggy section half way along the track.
You can win DAR Sport from any wave. Eg. If you were to come 10th in Wave 1 there could be 10 faster than you in waves 2,3,5 and you would end up in 20th position.

All waves should be ready at start area 30 minutes before start time. It may be earlier starts if kayak is cancelled.

Sport Wave 1 09.00 start 09.05. Be at start area 08.40. Race Numbers 400-519
Sport Wave 2 09.15 start 09.20. Be at start area 08.50. Race Numbers 520-639
Sport Wave 3 09.30 start 09.35. Be at start area 09.05. Race Numbers 640-759
Sport Wave 4 09.45 start 09.50. Be at start area 09.20. Race Numbers 760-879
Sport Wave 5 10.00 start 10.05. Be at start area 09.35. Race Numbers 880-999


DAR Sport & Mini Course is a 1km triangle. Should take between 9-12 minutes.
Sport & Mini use double sit-on top kayaks ONLY. Course is 1km, in an anti-clockwise direction around 2 large yellow buoys. Buoyancy aids will be provided with different sizes available. MUST BE SECURE before DAR marshals will allow you proceed to kayak. Paddles provided next to the kayaks. Double up with the person next to you. It is best for the stronger or the bigger person to be in the back. The person in the front should paddle forward and the person in the back can steer or correct kayak by a back paddle stroke. Competitors can not hand pick who they go with, they must go with the person next to them. No Time out allowed.
As in previous years competitors are not allowed bring their own single or double kayaks, they must use the doubles provided by DAR.
We don't expect many to fall in as these are stable boats, but we will have 3 safety boats on the water. If winds are too strong, then DAR will cancel the kayak section. If a single person is left at the back of wave a marshal will kayak with you.

DAR Full Course
2km Triangle anti-clockwise direction around all large yellow buoys. Buoyancy aids will be provided, with different sizes available. MUST BE SECURE before DAR marshals will allow you proceed to kayak. Paddles provided next to kayaks.
45 Single sea kayaks 15/16 foot will be used, but there is an option to use double sit on top kayaks if wind is not great on the day. If it is very windy then DAR will cancel the kayak section. Competitors can bring their own kayak only for DAR full, but we only expect only 5/6 people to do this. The Sea kayaks provided are good and fast (if you paddle them right). If there is a wait for the kayaks, a time out box will be used (if windy and DAR is using doubles then you will be timed out until the next competitor arrives to kayak with you).

General rules all courses
Cycling: All competitors must wear a helmet. Rules of the road apply.
It is an Adventure Race. The course is signed but you must pay attention so that you do not go off course. Take care if attaching any shoes to your bike, as one year a competitor got loose laces caught in the front wheel and went over the handlebars. Absolutely no litter on any part of the course. All energy bar and gel wrappers must be put away in your pockets/ bag. After water stations you may drop plastic cups with 10-20 meters. There will be water at all transitions. Please help other competitors if required. If you see someone injured you must tell next marshal you see. Respect the marshals - they are there for your safety.

At The Finish
Please collect your bike as soon as possible after race as transitions must be taken down.

• All competitors will receive a cold can of Creans lager from The Dingle Brewing Company
• There will also be water, soup, bread and fruit at the finish line.
• Each competitor will receive a print out of their results after crossing the finish line and a well earned DAR Medal
• Please collect your bike at Transitions for Sport & Mini, at Finish for Full
• Prize giving and After Party at Dannos pub (opposite tourist office) 8.45pm

Showers and changing facilities are available at the Leisure Centre of Skellig Hotel at a reduced rate of €5 per person for DAR competitors. This includes access to the Jacuzzi, pool and steam room.
Please looks at Maps of course on DAR website (link below) and familiarize yourself for what lies ahead of you.

Race Weekend Timetable

All competitors must sign in for Race.

Sign in open Friday at 4pm at Dingle Marina.

No race briefing until start line.

check-in Saturday morning before 8.00am, check in open again Sat at 7.00am

  • 09.00 Race start
  • 10.30 expected arrival time in Cloghan
  • 14.00 expected finish time for Mountain hike
  • 15.15 expected finish time for Road Run
  • 16.00 expected finish time for kayak Cut off time for last kayak 4pm
  • 17.00 All will be stages closed
  • 20.30 Prize giving and presentations
  • All equipment to be handed back by 17.00 to Race HQ Dingle Marina
  • 20.45 + into the night after-party in Danno's Bar near the marina, live music and light food, Dingle

Requirement for each section of Race

Cycle: Bike (any type), Helmet, pump & repair kit

Mountain: mountain running shoes, equipment list above (For Sport and Full)

Run: Suitable footwear & clothing

Kayak: Buoyancy Aids, Kayaks and paddles (supplied by race organisers)


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